Cat bag!

I’ve almost finished making the ‘cat bag’ I posted about previously – just have to add the handle. I’m really pleased with it as it’s something I’ve never done before and I really enjoyed it. Love trying new things.

The lighting is weird in this because I didn’t sort the camera settings, but i like it 🙂


Mum’s birthday present

I just realised, after mentioning it in the last post, that I haven’t actually posted a photo of the cross-stitch piece I did for mum’s birthday. Here it is 🙂

11127580_897675600255427_3803815310919618292_o DSC_7978 10842334_10155363002415464_3279266783900254362_o

Cat bag and starlings

Today I’m taking a day off work as I finished writing an essay for my transactional analysis course yesterday 🙂 I’ve started my cat tote bag which I’m going to use for my stitching supplies. I chose it because one of the cats looks like Hafu, and I’m making it look more like her with yellow eyes and a dotty nose.


I’m enjoying getting back to stitching (albeit a different sort) after a month off. Next I need to get Migrant Mother back on my frame after using it for mum’s butterfly.

In other news, the hoards of starlings have returned to the garden and are enjoying the birdbath which makes me happy 🙂

DSC_8004 DSC_8006 DSC_8010 DSC_8016 DSC_8018



Yesterday just as I finished work I looked into the back garden and there sitting on the garden fence was a female sparrowhawk 🙂 (I didn’t immediately know what it was – Facebook helped!) It was very exciting as it sat there for ages, and even while I opened the door and went outside. Eventually it dropped down into next door’s garden and I lost sight of it. Hoping there’s a return visit – although maybe I shouldn’t hope that for the sake of the wood pigeons and other birds!DSC_7980 DSC_7991


Snow day :)

So I’m currently working on some cross-stitch gifts which are taking quite a while to complete, hence the lack of updates, but soon(ish) – just hoping I get the big one done in time!

A little treat for today though – we had snow at last today and it was lovely. Our resident squirrel came out for some peanuts. I think I’ll put some out loose tomorrow as they must be hungry to be searching for food in the snow.

DSC_7814 DSC_7822 DSC_7826 DSC_7829


100 Days of Nature days 91 to 100

So today was the last day of the #100DaysofNature challenge for Springwatch/Autumnwatch. I was so pleased to be in Padfield again for the final few days as it’s so gorgeous here 🙂 It’s been challenging to take a pic every single day and sometimes it showed but it’s definitely made me look more closely at the world around me and I hope it’ll mean I take photos more regularly now. Still love it 🙂

Day091 Day092 Day093 Day094 Day095 Day096 Day097 Day098 Day099 Day100


100 Days of Nature days 81 to 90

Day081 Day082 Day083 Day084 Day085 Day086 Day087 Day088 Day089 Day090